Fiber glass coatings

Fiber glass coatings are a new thing in the glitter application industry. It gives a sparkle to various things and also gives them a much deserved change. If you are a manufacturer of any of these products, then it would be great to add this feature to your products. The customers would love it and you will have a competitive advantage over other manufacturers. Glitron provides products for fiber glass coatings on the following

  • Speed boats
  • Carnival rides
  • Coin operated amusements
  • Motorbike helmets
  • Shop displays
  • Sign boards

Whether you are providing material for outdoor advertising, branding or other unique items, fiber glass coatings are always going to be super brilliant thing to have. For bulk buying and deliveries, you can contact us any time at the given emails and numbers.

Fiber glass coatings 1 Fiber glass coatings 2