Textile screen and rotary printing

Glitron provides high quality products for applications in various niches. Textile screens and rotary printing are one of the most widespread applications of glitter powder. The process uses a woven mesh that aids an ink-blocking stencil. The forms attached to the stencil allow the transfer of ink or other printable materials that can be pressed on a substrate through a sharp edge image.  The ink is then forced through the threads of the woven mesh into the open areas. This process was semi-continuous and caused lower productivity as well as non-continuous process of screen printing.

To avoid this trouble, the latest technologies have introduced rotary screen printing. Even though the idea started basically in Portugal, but Glitron products is the first to use this high end technology for a continuous uninterrupted process.

When screen printing process is changes from semi-continuous to continuous one, higher productivity is ensured and the speed of the process gets better. Glitron products use seamless screens for continuous and better results. Our 36 years of experience has enabled us to provide quality glitter products in all niches, using the cutting edge tools and technologies.

Textile screen and rotary printing 1 Textile screen and rotary printing 2